Photos and Memories reference my uncle Gregorio Aguirre’s burial held in Durango, Mexico. My uncle passed away in Chicago on October 12, 2016. My family had the task of holding two funerary ceremonies, one in Chicago and the other in Mexico. The ceremony held in Mexico consisted in the act of carrying him to the cemetery and lowering him to his grave. Coronas were then placed on top of his cemetery mound as an act of commemoration and respect. This ceremony was unattainable to many of my immigrant family members residing in Chicago and our absence inspired me to make a symbolic homage that allows us to be present during his final moments.

In order to atone for my absence, I gathered some objects that were present during and after the time of his passing. These objects include photographs, book, clothing, dried flowers, and his death certificate. Ultimately, this collection of objects came to embody his presence during my mourning and during the act of painting. I held my own funerary ceremony where I contemplated his enduring absence and appreciated the love my uncle Goyo gave me.


Si es Goyo tiene que ser bueno / If it's Goyo it has to be good
La corona de Goyito / Goyito's corona
Y que nunca moriran / And they will never die
Noviembre 2, 2018 / November 2, 2018
Para aquellos que no pudieron estar / For those who could not attend