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7:23 is composed of various commemorations developed during the process of various years. Through the act of painting, I deal with the incomprehensible process of illness, inevitability of death, and the celebration of my uncle Goyo. The visual representations showcase the irreversible experience of loss and glorification. Within the rigorous process of accumulation, I am able to cope with reality, in an attempt to give the subjects, the respect and attention, they deserve. By adding and subtracting, I try and bring forward the physical, emotional, and phycological trauma experienced during such delicate events. ​

***In dedication to my uncle Gregorio Aguirre (1953 - 2016)***

7:23 | 2021: About
7:23 | 2021: Pro Gallery
Y que nunca moriran / And they will never die
La corona de Goyito / Goyito's corona
Si es Goyo tiene que ser bueno / If it's Goyo it has to be good
Noviembre 2, 2018 / November 2, 2018
Untitled (void)
hospicio / hospice
Self-portrait in studio No.2 (void)
Lloran las rosas
Self-portrait in studio
Velorio / Wake
Para aquellos que no pudieron estar / For those who could not attend
Azul gris
7:23 | 2021: Photo Gallery
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