Ocultos (hidden) is composed of visual representations depicting traumatic events that affect me, my loved ones, and community. The subjects explored are deep-rooted in Mexico’s war on drugs and Chicago’s inner-city violence. Whether personal or public, these events continue to insert themselves in our conversations, plague our neighborhoods, and leave an irreversible effect on our people. As a result, the remnants and memories are present throughout our surroundings, constantly reminding us of the lives taken and the families destroyed.

This body of work encapsulates a rigorous investigation spanning numerous years, in which I shed light on the immediacy of issues regarding war, trauma, and loss. I honor those who have been affected by mayhem and those who are no longer with us. By exploring various processes, I physically push the boundaries of paint, wresting with the image, in order to capture the emotional and psychological toll these issues have on my community. I am constantly trying to develop a language that adequately represents the world we live in. Through the spiritual process of painting, I am able to confront these realities and the issues that enclose us.

oculto (adj) - Que está tapado o cubierto con algo o está escondido, de manera que no se puede ver.

hidden (adj) - keep out of sight; concealed.

¡Vivos los queremos!|We want them alive!
Vamos a darle una vuelta al cielo|Let's give heaven a visit
Los revolucionarios|The Revolucionaries
Gesto No.3|Gesture No.3
Gesto No.4|Gesture No.4
Gesto No.5|Gesture No.5
Gesto No.6|Gesture No.6
Gesto No.8|Gesture No.8