Lo rojo sigue fresco

The red is still fresh  is composed of visual representations depicting traumatic events that shape the world around me. As a Mexican American, I use my identity, culture, and traditions as a potent form of inspiration. Through the materiality of paint, I try to capture the essence of an image referencing personal and public events. I explore abstract and representational ideas to bring forth the immediacy of issues regarding war, trauma, and loss. Whether political, social, or personal: the objects, images, and events depicted become conduits for obsessive ideas. 

The work generated is made out of adoration towards my family and the love of my people. By embracing these subjects, I allow a visual representation to symbolize the human condition we live in and the issues we face collectively. These paintings not only acknowledge current events, but also allow for each object, image, or event to continue having a presence not only today but also in the future.



Herman Aguirre


© 2020 Herman Aguirre