Azul Gris

Blue Grey consists of an intimate investigation of personal belongings that have unquantifiable value. These objects withstand time and continually reappear in my life. Through various obstacles, whether social, personal, or political, these possessions continue to have value and give strength regardless of the situation. Considering the mayhem surrounding us, these objects allow for moments of tranquility.

Espuma / Foam
Abrazo / Hug
Apretar / Squeeze
Viento y sol / Sun and air
Azul gris / Blue grey
Hombro / Shoulder
Tierra / Earth
Tu y yo / You and me
Nubes / Clouds
Polen / Pollen
Luto / Mourning
Amor / Love
Enfrente / In front
Cariño / Sweetheart
Cobija / Blanket
Almohada / Pillow
Cositas / Little things