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Muscle Memories


Each of us in our own way navigated through daily routines, dodging interior and exterior voices that
question our intuition, rights to space, and moral understandings. In moments of conflict, we make reactionary decisions that inform how we physically and emotionally move through public and private spaces to protect ourselves. The memories of these moments, often built from experiences of trauma, become ingrained through the construction of self-identity and impact our awareness of space. Our responses may even become an almost automatic; a type of unconscious understanding between the brain and the body. The five artists in the exhibition question the impact and the lasting agency of these memories on the body. Drawing on past events or imagined scenarios, each artist pushes through their own emotional processing to expose the bodily result of exterior pres- sures on a human interior. They question how far we will go to prepare the mind and body in order to protect our- selves from the unexpected but inevitable future.




Saturday, July 20 to August 24, 2019

Azul Gris

Blue Grey consists of an intimate investigation of personal belongings that have unquantifiable value. These objects withstand time and continually reappear in my life. Through various obstacles, whether social, personal, or political, these possessions continue to have value and give strength regardless of the situation. Considering the mayhem surrounding us, these objects allow for moments of tranquility.

tejido (noun) - es un conjunto de células de la misma naturaleza, diferenciadas de un modo determinado, ordenadas regularmente, con funciones y un comportamiento fisiológico en común.

tissue (noun) - an ensemble of similar cells and their extracellular matrix from the same origin that together carry out a specific function.