Mirror is a series of self-portraits that reflect the psyche of an individual shaped by war, trauma, loss; events that leave a wound, a scar, a cicatriz, that never heals. Whether in Chicago's inner city or the towns of Mexico, the overabundance of violence becomes embedded in my community, here and across the border. 

Through construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction, I rework juxtapositions to cope with these realities and expose my true self: afraid, anxious, angry, unapologetic, insecure, honest, paranoid, and sympathetic. The accumulation of mirrored versions forced me to question my identity: Who am I? Where do I stand? Where do we stand? Am I next or someone I love? How many women? How many children? Why? At what cost? This in turn led to expression that went beyond the material understanding. Ultimately, my spiritual healing.