Poems of Sympathy are works where I undergo the spiritual process of mourning while commemorating those who have been subject to mayhem, violence, and war. In response to such shocking and traumatic events, I forge the victims’ found remains. Through the use of references, paint, and paint skins I fabricate the individuals and clothing left behind on the day of their massacre.

As a small gesture, I entangle their remains with trinkets, flowers, and photos symbolizing the fragility of their lives and the malleability of remembrance. Covering their brown, grey, and blackened bodies with slivers of fresh cools and radiant reds; fields of color engulf the broad surface with elegance. These events have transformed into memorials that should not be forgotten.


Cuarenta y tres / Forty - three
Guardar Silencio / Keep Silence
Mar de sangre / Ocean of blood
Cenizas nada mas / Nothing more than ashes
Vivos los queremos! / We want them alive!
Mancha cuajada / Coagulated stain
Vamos a darle una vuelta al cielo / Let's give heaven a visit
Los revolucionarios / The revolucionarias
Colores / Colors